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Make Using the Bathtub Much Less Risky

The toilet is one of the most dangerous areas in the home for elderly folks. With a new walk in bath, you can make getting in and out of the shower considerably safer and more stable each day. That reduces the risk of one of the very high-risk rooms in the house.

Make Daily Life More Dignified and Much Easier

Bathing is some thing every single day which most folks do. By making the day-to-day cleaning of yourself easier, you can make your life a lot more pleasing, and more dignified understanding you can still take good care of yourself, without the need of external help or nurses to do.

Stay in Your Home Significantly Longer and with More Independence

Everyone desires to be able manage to take care of themselves for as long as possible, and to live independently. With a fresh tub, you may add another couple of years to having the ability take care of yourself, to reside in your house, and be free to determine when you wish to bathe, not when you are scheduled to.

San Bernardino

Do you want additional help bathing and cleaning of falling in the tub because of the threat?

Does having to step high over the bathtub to get out or in make you scared of falling down and put you off balance?

Here at Cain’s Mobility CA , we are proud to install showers and tubs that have doors making bathing and showering not considerably more difficult for the aged population of San Bernardino.

Avoid Serious Harm which Could Shorten Your Lifespan Significantly

For a lot of elderly people dwelling in San Bernardino, bones could be broken by just one serious tumble, and significantly hinder mobility and exercise for many years to come. This inactivity and dearth of ability to go can significantly reduce your lifespan and overall well-being and freedom you’ve every single day.

One of the easiest methods to prevent injury is in the restroom, with new freedom equipment that make the process of bathing less dangerous than before.

Thus give our San Bernardino team a call right away to learn ways to prevent serious injury like a broken hip, leg or back, and live for longer, and free.

Stop Worrying about Slipping and Falling in the Bathroom, and Get Stability and Balance.

Are you really worried about yourself or your loved one getting in or outside of the shower by themselves?

Among the biggest worries for elderly people living in San Bernardino is the risk of sliding and falling when getting in or out of the shower.

With a walk-in tub, you can stop worrying about that possibility, because the washing process will probably be safe and easy once more.

You can now get in and out much easier, and have more balance and equilibrium, without needing to step out over the side.

Make Living Independently in California Safe and Fun Once More!

For several citizens that are aging, having the ability to live in their particular home for so long as possible is the very best way to keep pride and dignity in their own lives.

As people age, parts of their bodies begin to break down, also it becomes dangerous to live alone without additional help in the rare instance that something happens.

For many aged individuals, this means eventually having to move away from the San Bernardino house they have lived in for a long time and love, and into a California retirement or care facility that’s sterile, unknown and not practically the same as their own house in San Bernardino.

By preventing tumbles and slips in the restroom with a new walk in bathtub, elderly people will probably be able revel in the life they’ve lived for many years, and to stay in their very own home for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do these tubs drain normally?

Yes. Occasionally, however, it is critical to modify the pipes depending on the precise location of the drains. Installers may have to put in a fitting to the present wastewater pipe for a walk in bathtub. Existing plumbing may allow for faster drain times or slower drain times.

2) About how long does the installation process take with your San Bernardino installers?

Once the tub arrives, an installment requires between one and three days of labor in San Bernardino. It surely depends on the extent of the job. You should make us know whether there's a critical deadline involving a household member coming for a visit or a loved one's release from California rehabilitation so that we can do the best we can to accommodate you.

3) Can I make one of these myself?

Yes, but most folks don't start from scratch, they begin with a tub conversion kit. There are instructions available on how exactly to convert your existing bathtub into a walk in bath. We recommend that you just know the way to use the tools that are appropriate so that you don't end up with a non-working bathtub. There are firms that know how to turn your tub more disability and your home reachable for less of an investment than other options. As California installers, we know how to direct you in the correct course, so please ask us for a consultation so we are able to help you make your house match your present needs, especially if you have recently become disabled or are providing an aged man care-giving in their own house or your home.

4) Do Walk-In Bathtubs Leak?

Yes, they can leak. Another common criticism from people who attempted to save money and bought an inferior quality tub comes from door leaks. Be sure the walk in bathtub is strong and inflexible to avoid any flex that inhibits a water-tight door. Also during hauling any damage that may have occurred can loosen fittings and mishandling and cause leakage. Before utilizing the walk in tub, it is important that the bathtub is tested by the installer correctly according to the instruction manual. In case the bathtub is not installed degree together with the supporting attributes provided, the water could cause the door to leak and may have trouble draining correctly. Eventually, make sure to understand the dangers related to the positioning of your walk in tub, notably alcoves, because they have special requirements to avert leaking.

5) What types of financing are available in California if insurance doesn't cover home modifications?

The American Elder Care Research Organization lists several other financial assistance avenues to think about when searching for assistance to buy your walkin tub. The USA Rural Development plan is also referred to as the Section 504 program, the Very Low-Income Housing Repair program and the RD 504 Loan Program. The modifications can include a walk-in tub. There are age, income and geographic requirements to participate. Then, you can click on your own county as well as a record of service centers including phone numbers will pop up. (2) For a non-Medicaid state financial assistance system for the elderly, you can check this list to determine if there are any that contain home modifications. (3) Rebuilding Together, a national nonprofit that can potentially cancel the installation prices of a walk-in bathtub, can be a good resource. Contact them at (4)There are other alternatives to consider. The Internal Revenue Service may determine that your home alteration qualifies for tax deductions as a dental and medical expense. There are also qualifications in order to maintain an individual who needs care as a dependent. Phone the IRS to see in the event you can deduct the price of installing your walk in bath. IRS Publication 502 is an excellent resource that can allow you to judge whether modifying your toilet qualifies you to deduct it as a medical expense. You may also call them at (800) 829-1040. (5) The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification can also assist you to find help to cover home modifications. Click here to learn more (6) Your local Independent Living Center (ILC) is a useful resource for suggestions on how to pay for your modifications. Click here to find out more or (6) Some state housing financing agencies supply loan plans to help people with disabilities or families living in a household with a member living with handicaps including home modification systems that are part of the state Assistive Technology application. Click here to learn more about this alternative

6) How do walk in bathtubs work?

When you enter the walk-in bath, you shut the door and seal it by pulling on the handle toward you. Make sure the handle is locked in order to avoid any water decline. There are different types of handles determined by the model you choose to buy. Make sure it's a handle that you could easily work. Then, the floor drain close and make sure that the anti-scald device has been preset before using the bathtub. You must empty the water when you have finished your bath, turn the overflow knob or remove the drain depending on the kind of drain. Pull on the bathtub exit and handle the tub.

7) Will a tub like this look bad for my homeowner’s insurance in California?

Many updated homeowner's insurance policies protect against flooding from your pipes and appliances. Check with your San Bernardino homeowner's insurance to make sure it'll cover you against this sort of damage. You may require a house alteration permit from the San Bernardino, CA building department to install a bath, especially if walls need to be removed to fit your bathroom plans. Above all, you didn't get one AND and in the event you needed a permit your home suffers from damage from the installed walk in bathtub, your homeowner's insurance may not cover your losses. In case you plan on selling your San Bernardino dwelling, there are plenty of buyer beware messages out there which will steer prospective buyers from your house since it does change homeowner's insurance, if there have been any developments without permits. Buyers see their homeowners insurance as well as the permits as protections on their investments in homes.

8) Are these tubs as easy to clean as normal tubs?

They are simple to clean, but unlike routine baths, it's advisable to keep a daily cleaning custom with a walk-in tub using the products that are appropriate and following manufacturer's recommendations. You wish to really make sure with a walk-in bath that you remove scum and spots to defend the surface. Depending on whether you have well water, soft water, or hard water, you may see several types of spots and deposits on your bathtub. Get into the habit of wiping down the wet surfaces after every use to help avoid the build up scum, which will demand more scrubbing later. Weekly, use cleaners to clean your walkin tub. Products that address your specific water spot and deposits should be considered as well as any indications that these products may destroy the finish on your bathtub. You need to familiarize yourself with the best cleaning methods for your type of tub since baths are generally either fiberglass or acrylic. Fiberglass is fragile and porous and can readily dull and stain. Acrylic is non-porous and simple to wash. Also, if the weather allows, air the room out in order that it doesn't stay humid. Some manufacturers advise that your own bathroom window opens for an hour every day to let moisture escape.

9) Can I choose the color / style to match my interior decoration?

Yes. Walk-in tubs can be personalized to your preference. Check with the manufacturers about California options. Shades which are uniform with most bathrooms are only offered by some. Choosing the right walk in tub for you means discussing the number of layouts, sizes and fashions to make sure it satisfies your own special needs and room requirements. You might have to pay an added fee for a custom colour since most producers make tubs in white and cream.

10) Is there a way to get Jacuzzi jets in my tub?

Yes. Be mindful of the quantity of water and also air that comes out of the jets to make sure it is the proper number that will soothe your sore muscles and aches with a massage sense. Jets may be positioned to target specific areas to provide for the very best effects. Many San Bernardino customers take pleasure in the therapeutic effect of having jets installed inside their walk in bath for a wide range of medical conditions that gain from the easiness that is extra.

11) How do walk-in tubs drain?

Some systems apply a gravitation simply drainage system, while other manufacturers offer power-assisted drainage systems. Ordinarily, the drainage system in a walk-in bathtub is attached to the standard bathtub drain, which is threaded into a flat pipe called a waste shoe. The shoe is sealed under its flange with putty or a foam washer. Some characteristics may cost you more, so it's always advisable to inquire. Eventually, get to know the difference between frameless baths and framed baths since because they do not alter the drain height of your existing tub frameless baths tend to empty faster than framed baths. Framed tubs are constructed on a steel frame as well as the bottom of the tub is dangled off the floor. Frameless tubs are made with an extra-strength form that does not necessitate a steel framework and the bottom of the tub isn't suspended in the air.

12) Will AETNA cover the cost of equipment and installation in California?

Aetna does not cover walk-in tubs under their plans that are traditional in California. Aetna doesn't insure walk-in baths under their HMO and health network plans either. They generally follow Medicare's criteria for durable medical equipment (DME) items used in the bathroom. In the event the member is bed- room or confined - confined some DMEs are considered medically necessary, rather than a public toilet. DMEs are considered medically necessary if it is necessary for day-to-day activities and is primarily medical in nature. Since bathing is considered a daily living action and considered essential, Aetna lists toilet items that are considered medically necessary if a member is unable to bathe or shower without being seated or incapable to transfer to and from a tub.

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