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Make Daily Life More Dignified and Easier

Bath is something every single day that most folks do. By making the day-to-day cleaning of yourself easier, you can make your own life much more dignified, and much more pleasurable knowing you can still take good care of yourself, without the necessity of outside help or nurses to do.

Make Using the Bath Much Less Risky

The toilet is one of the very dangerous places in the house for aged people. With a new walk-in bath, you can make getting in and out of the shower every day that is much safer and much more stable. That reduces the danger of one of the very insecure rooms in the house.

Finally Stop Worrying About the Ones You Love

You can worry much less about your nearest and dearest safety by reducing the likelihood of falling and slipping in the bathroom. No more wondering if they have fallen and can’t get up, or are okay. By adding mobility equipment, you can rest easier, knowing they aren’t in danger.


Is it true that the danger of sliding and falling in the toilet make you frightened of living?

Here at Cain’s Mobility CA , we’re proud to install tubs and showers that have doors to step in and out of, making bathing and showering not significantly more difficult for the aged residents of Fresno.

Avoid Serious Harm which Could Shorten Your Lifespan Significantly

For many elderly folks living in Fresno, bones could be broken by a single serious tumble, and considerably hinder freedom and exercise for a long time to come. Every day this inactivity and dearth of skill to go can substantially decrease your lifespan and overall happiness and liberty you have.

One of the easiest ways to stop harm is in the bathroom, with new freedom equipment that make the process of bathing less dangerous than before.

Thus give our Fresno team a call right away to find out how you can avoid serious injury like a broken hip, leg or back, and live more independently and free for longer.

Quit Worrying about Slipping and Falling in the Bathroom, and Get Stability and Equilibrium.

Are you really worried about yourself or your loved one getting in or outside of the shower by themselves?

Among the biggest worries for aged individuals living in Fresno is the threat of sliding and falling when getting in or out of the shower. With slippery surfaces, and extra water everywhere, it might be difficult to maintain equilibrium well enough to get in or out.

With a walk in bathtub, you can quit worrying about that possibility, since the washing process will probably be easy and safe .

Now you can get in and out much easier, and have significantly more balance and stability, without having to step out so high over the side.

Raise your Fresno Home’s Resale Value to An Increasing Baby Boomer People.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in California are getting old, mobility equipment will become a larger and larger selling point for the purchase of Fresno houses.

By installing a walk in bathtub in your Fresno home, you’ll not only make daily living easier but would set up your home to be valuable in the future.

Every walk in bath can substantially raise your California house’s resale and attractiveness to aging people.

Give our Fresno team a call to discover exactly how much the resale value of your home would climb from a fresh facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will the cost of installation and equipment be covered by my disability in California?

In case your handicap was a result of a vehicle or work accident, check with the appropriate insurance carrier to find out if home modifications resulting from your CA handicap are insured. Claims that contain Fresno dwelling adjustments are admissible in insurance resolutions. A person qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when they've worked in a job that was insured by Social Security and have a health condition that meets their definition of handicap. In the event you're injured or on impairment, benefits could be insured. Since SSI is a needs-based plan plus an SSI recipient must have limited income and resources, qualifications for the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows a person with a disability to achieve an occupational goal. The cash that's set aside under a PASS can be used for anything that contributes to an occupational objective and can be used to cover house alterations through an SSI savings plan. You can learn more about PASS through your local Social Security Administration office or call toll free 800 772 1213. In case you are a veteran, the Department of Veterans' Affairs does offer individual plans that might enable you to deflect a number of the price. Contact the VA and ask for VA form 26-4555 to submit an application for a SAH or SHA grant. For advice on all VA benefits in California call 1 800 827 1000.

2) Will Medicare cover the cost of equipment and installation in California?

Medicare will not cover walk-in bathtub gear and installation prices in California, for the reason that they are house adjustments, not durable medical equipment. Durable medical equipment doesn't contain physical changes to a home, only medical gear and materials that are used to help a patient in and out of bed or a seat, or use a shower or bathtub safer and easier. Consumer Affairs suggests that you might want to contact Medicare to see if (for freedom safety reasons) a walk-in bath is warranted to determine if the equipment can be partly compensated. More often than not, they won't cover it. However, if you're qualified for Medicaid, your state's program may give you some financial assistance for a walk in bathtub. You may be eligible for a Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) waiver to play for certain specialized medical equipment and availability adjustments. If you're a receiver of Medicaid and Medicare, you need to also consider the Dual-Eligible Specific Needs Strategy. This plan is part of the Medicare Advantage plan for dual eligibles. Medicaid provides an entire listing of waivers relevant to the elderly that we recommend that you review.

3) Will AARP cover the cost of equipment and installation?

AARP is not a provider of insurance, but contracts with insurers to make coverage available to AARP members. AARP does not make people health plan recommendations and doesn't cover the cost of walk-in tubs or some wellness needs. AARP does provide access to medical care tools and coverage like other health plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance to members as a resource, but third parties provide member advantages. Check with the plans which are recorded under the membership services of AARP in California.

4) How do walk in bathtubs work?

When you go into the walk in bathtub, by pulling the handle toward you, you shut the door and seal it. Make sure that the handle is locked so as to prevent any water loss. There are different kinds of handles determined by the version you decide to purchase. Make sure it is a handle which you can quickly function. Then, you shut the floor drain and ensure the anti-scald device has been preset before using the tub. Your bath is ready once the bathtub fills to the desired depth. Be sure to get familiar with the operating instructions to gauge which speed works best for your needs, in case you plan on using jets. Manufacturers may also advocate a maximum time of use. Once you've finished your bath, remove the drain depending on the kind of drain or turn the overflow knob you have to empty the water. Pull on the bathtub leave and handle the bath.

5) Why are these tubs so much more expensive than normal tubs?

Largely you are paying for a list of safety features that are not available on a regular bathtub. These safety features are built into walk-in baths for persons with limited mobility to decrease the possibility of falling down. Version wall heights are normally 37 to 47 inches tall and contain a built in shower seat, textured flooring, grab bars, anti-scald valves, in-line heater, temperature controls, along with a water-tight door. An important part of walk-in tubs is that there is a low step threshold to allow a user to easily enter into the tub unconcerned regarding the conventional high wall of a regular bathtub. The walk in bathtubs also normally comprise jet treatment a cleaning function, and improved drain choices. Furthermore, one of the reasons why the cost changes among the walk-in baths is that the tubs are custom made depending on a person's demands rather than factory replicated, so you can find a bath that's specially made for somebody who needs wheelchair access, a tub that fits a bigger person, or a soaker tub with jets.

6) What sort of guarantees are there that these tubs won’t leak and damage my Fresno house?

Consumer Affairs recommends that an owner that is first purchase a lifetime warranty to give peace of mind to buyers about leaks. Additionally, ask if the lifetime warranty is extended to other owners as well. For California dwelling installations, this will probably be contained for a set amount of years.

7) Can I make one of these myself?

Yes, but most folks don't start from scratch, they begin with a bathtub conversion kit. There are instructions available on the best way to convert your existing bathtub into a walk in tub. We advise that you just know the way to use the correct tools so that you just don't end up with a non-working tub. There are businesses that understand just how to turn your disability that is bath more and your home reachable for less of an investment than other options. As California installers, we know just how to direct you in the right course, so please ask us for a consultation so we can assist you to make your home match your current needs, especially if you have recently become disabled or are supplying an elderly man care-giving in their own home or your house.

8) How do I know these tubs will fully seal and not leak out all over the floor?

Proper installation and initial testing should provide you with a leakproof encounter, yet there are incidents where they experienced escapes that customers report. Under suitable circumstances, the door seal should compress making it totally leak proof. Some units comprise another drain below the entry door to help prevent escapes in the event the door does leak. Ask if this feature is contained. Since it covers the door in the instance of a leak along with the seal, we highly recommend that you just get a lifetime warranty. Replacement seals will cost you. Some people replace the door seal on a walk in bath themselves. Also, it's crucial that you take good care of the walk in bath door when the bath isn't in use to prevent premature failure of the seal. Wiping down the door seal and door jamb after every use can keep the integrity of the water seal. Follow the maintenance and care directions.

9) Can I choose the color / style to match my interior decoration?

Yes. Check with the makers about California alternatives. Some only offer colors that are uniform with most bathrooms. Picking the right walk in tub for you means discussing the number of styles, sizes and layouts to make sure it suits your own special needs and room conditions. You may need to pay an additional fee for a custom color, since most producers make tubs in white and cream.

10) Is there any additional structural support needed before installation?

Many walk in baths are mounted to a stainless steel welded support frame with leveling feet that is included with your bath that was purchased. The floor in the bathroom should have a structural support strength that exceeds the weight of the bathtub plus the weight of the water. Our Fresno installer will check to determine if it's not, whether the floor is level and otherwise, then they are going to make use of the leveling legs to correct the level of the tub. Of course, the last bath will need to be removed. In addition, the wall or tile in area will have to be removed if replacing.

11) Are there any kits available for installing my own walk-in tub?

Yes, makers do offer do it yourself installments of a bathroom conversion kit. Depending on whether you have the right tools and specialized familiarity with the tools, it is not impossible. However, lots of times, someone believes it is definitely going to be cheap to buy all the proper tools. These tools may be costly, so ensure you compare the price of purchasing all the tools as well as the expense of your time learning how exactly to install the kit with the cost of a professional installation. In case you're someone who does a large amount of home improvements, then the directions may seem pretty simple. If not, you might want to save yourself the trouble and expense by investing in Fresno professionals who'll install it properly. Just make certain they test the unit in line with the instructions of the manufacturer's and the unit you bought didn't get harmed during transportation.

12) Are these tubs as easy to clean as normal tubs?

They're simple to clean, but unlike routine tubs, it's a good idea to keep a daily cleaning custom with a walk in bath using the appropriate products and following manufacturer's recommendations. You wish to really make sure with a walk-in bath that you remove scum and spots to secure the surface. Depending on whether you have soft water, hard water, or water, you will see several types of deposits and spots on your own tub. Get into the practice of wiping down the wet surfaces after each use to help avoid the build up scum, that will require more scrubbing later. Weekly, use cleansers to wash your walk in bath. Products that address your specific water blot and deposits should be considered in addition to any indications that these products may ruin the finish in your bathtub. Since tubs are usually either fiberglass or acrylic, you need to get familiar with the best cleaning methods for your kind of bath. Fiberglass is brittle and porous and can readily dull and blot. Do not use harsh abrasive products on fiberglass. Acrylic is non porous and simple to clean. Don't use abrasive cleansers otherwise you scratch on the tub and might dull the finish. Additionally, if the current weather allows, air the room out in order that it does not stay humid all day. Some manufacturers advise that you just open your bathroom window for an hour daily to let moisture escape.

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