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No More Worrying About Your Loved Ones

For the kids of aging parents, the daily worry of if their parent remains healthy and not trapped is a daily anxiety. By including a stair lift to the house, you can greatly reduce this worry, and make life much easier for everyone about, understanding that the stairs now are much safer than before.

Stay in Your Berkeley House Much Longer

With a fresh stair lift you’ll have the ability to stay in your own Berkeley house for much more, without having to move to a new and unfamiliar area. It makes going up and down the stairs certainly will let you stay in the California house you love for years longer than you normally could, and every day a fun activity rather than a painful one.

Increase Resale Value to Your Berkeley House

Accessibility and freedom equipment already installed in your house is going to be a significant asset as the baby boomer population continues to get older. It will make your house more valuable, and be bought faster in case something occurs. A fresh lift can greatly increase your Berkeley home’s value.


Do you procrastinate as you get frustrated that your list of matters to do is longer and then can’t get up the stairway?

Does the additional help you provide your aged parent or dependent seem too risky and overwhelming when it comes to accompanying them up and down the stairs?

Has the thought of having to build an additional bedroom on the first floor or move to just one floor house crossed your mind?

Individuals living in Berkeley neighborhoods rely on our capable professionals, because we focus on correctness and safety when installing your stairlift and can match it within a day or within a couple of hours depending on your own stairs.

Keep your Independence in California, since the stairs do not have to limit which part of the house you go to.

Unexpectedly having to deal with restricting your moves as an effect of a disability or elderly age can force you to lose your trust. It can reduce the quality of your life. That’s unnecessary with new technologies which can be set up on your house in order to stop letting those stairs ruin your day.

Plenty of folks face the difficult choice of the way to continue to live comfortably in their home and enjoy greater levels of dignity when facing mobility limitations. We are stuck with by our desire to help you to get around and live an unaffiliated lifestyle if our bodies change with age.

Having to wait around for someone to assist you in routine jobs or getting to your own cozy bed can take its toll. The truth is, it is one of the core values that caregivers focus on, making sure they keep a good sense of dignity along with esteem for a loved one.

No wonder, the desire for respect and dignity truly grows stronger when someone becomes ill, challenged with mobility issues, or disabled.

It is possible that you have already determined to live at home, rather than an assisted living facility, despite needing to confront a disability or age-associated challenge coming your way.

Maybe you’re unfamiliar with how installing a stairlift can help you maintain your accessibility to each area of your home.

When you experience life with a stairlift, you will wish you’d done it earlier.

For a lot of people dwelling in Berkeley, dealing with pain or an injury or getting up a flight of stairs may eventually become an immense chore. The emotional effects will begin influencing every part of your own life and are debilitating. People who have had a stairlift recognize that they have to self-restrict themselves and suffer the consequences of altering their behavior to manage the chore.

Many, who continue with no solution, even begin to experience other unwanted side effects that are damaging health. These effects aren’t only directly related to the immobility. They can be related to the changes a man has made to avoid the chore or the risks they take by walking up the stairway despite equilibrium that is questionable.

If you have found that you’re not steady on your feet or that you’re modifying the way your stairs scale, then you’re already making your life harder than it must be.

Addressing issues raises the happiness we experience in life, because we feel like we are in control and we are removing obstacles that can endanger us.

Our Berkeley staff understands how important it is to get your questions answered and is available right now to give you the support and assistance assist you to move around and you really need to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there any good options for used or recycled lifts in my area?

Yes. Stairlifts that are reconditioned and recycled are an alternative and are available. Custom-designed curved stairlifts are less easy to resell, because the angles round the curves really need to be a very close match. Otherwise, a recycled stairlift offers lots of advantages and is inherently good only because it's used. Many California stairlift firms resell them used and buy stairlifts back. A stairlift that was used may have been removed and resold, as the man who depended on the lift enhanced in their own state, they moved, or the need for it was temporary. They cost significantly less than new models. Make sure you ask some questions when buying a used lift. Ask about the previous owner as well as their weight /height demands. Ask about the age of the used model. We advise that you do not purchase one which is 10 years old, because that model is close to retirement. You can shorten the length of tracks if necessary as stated before. However, make sure you adhere to a very measured approach for cutting tracks, because a mistake will cost you.

2) How are these lifts fitted?

Making your purchase can entail a terrific deal of time effort and decision-making when you consider which features matter most to you and all the various sorts of stairlifts that are available to you personally that will fit your requirements. Once you've decided, fitting the lift entails making certain that the best attention is given to the system fitting correctly in order that you don't have to worry about its security or dependability. Your best option would be to have it meet by qualified Berkeley professionals. These qualified professionals measure pitch angle and the step heights to achieve accuracy. The professional discover how your stairs can be fit by the stairlift --and will go to the site--indoor or outdoor. They are going to fasten the track to the stairs with supports fixed to the staircase. Frequently people wonder if it's connected to the wall, but the stairlift is right fitted via the floor covering of the stairway. If the stairwell is removed, your stairway is free of damage. The railing fastener points are accessible over the top of any carpet you may have on the steps.

3) Are there any structural modifications needed before installing a lift?

No. Since stairlifts do not attach to the wall, there are not any adjustments that are required. The stairlift is installed into existing stair treads. The one thing that we do advocate is that if you're planning to modify the flooring or carpet on your stairs in the next five years, you may want to intend to do it before you install your stairlift to prevent future removal and re installation prices.

4) How sturdy are these lifts to install?

The sturdiness of course and the chair assembly of a stairlift can vary so it's good to do a little bit of homework. Some companies claim that the toughest in the business is the model that offers the most significant weight capacity at 400 lbs.. Heavier duty versions require larger batteries and more sturdy trails. Heavy duty versions cost more so be sure to get the model that fits the person who will be using the stairlift. Always check whether the manufacturer has a proven reputation for durable, safe and well-made products.

5) Does AARP cover the cost of these lifts?

AARP isn't a provider of insurance, but contracts with insurers to make coverage available to AARP members. AARP doesn't make people health plan recommendations and doesn't cover the cost of any well-being needs or stairlifts. AARP does provide coverage like other health plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance and accessibility to health care tools to members as a resource, but third parties provide member advantages. Check with the plans that are recorded under the membership services of AARP.

6) How do stair lifts work?

Basically, it's like riding in your own ski lift, minus the bitter cold. You sit in a motorized swivel chair snugly equipped to make you as comfortable as possible with features that are personalized. A safety belt keeps you securely in place plus a foot rest prevents you from hitting on the steps while using the lift. Some stairlifts come with mounted call/send controls on the wall close to the trails for a user or a remote control can be used by you to send the chair in which you want it to go. Occasionally the control panel can be found on the seat arm. Become familiar with the particular characteristics of your unit. The lift consists of a a carriage a motor, the control system, as well as your comfy seat in order you could once again regain your mobility. Some versions rely on a belt like a conveyor belt and other versions use a rack and pinion system.

7) Is there any way to sell the equipment when we are done with it?

Yes. There are manufacturers and suppliers that offer buy-back plans. A lot of them will remove the unwanted lift also. Many people like to buy reconditioned stairlifts, or so the demand is there. Many buyers do not like to purchase directly from a seller, because they should have it checked out by a professional to ascertain how well it works and whether it will work on their stairs. Certain models sell more easy than others.

8) Why are they so expensive to install?

Most importantly, they help you every step of the way and comprise regular maintenance. Professional installation is considerably more economic in the long-run with regards to service warranty and long-term care because they are trained to follow security measures and experienced at setup. The installer is getting paid to correctly install your unit in order you do not confront serious dangers that do result when an inexperienced person opens the guide for the first time and installs a stairlift. A Berkeley professional also understands the way to make sure that the stairlift follows fire exit requirements, the best way to ensure that the charger connections are operating correctly to prevent serious accidents, and assure that all the appropriate functioning features are empowered. The price you pay to have a trusted and trained technician ensures your security as well as the longevity of your purchase. Additionally, installation involves lifting a fair quantity of weight. Many installations may be finished in a few hours by a professional.

9) How much do they weigh?

The units are hefty, which is one of the reasons we don't advocate trying to install them yourself. The lightest units on the market weigh 165-180 pounds installed (seat and path). Some units weight over 250 pounds installed. Courses and chair collections come in various sizes and shapes and are created of different kinds of materials determined by the model and its best attributes.

10) Can these be used on carpeted floors?

Elevators can be set up on all forms of flooring (carpet, concrete, tile, marble, linoleum, or bare wooden stairway). Installers can screw right through the carpeting. Professional installers don't cut the courses inside the house, because the aluminum processors are really hard to remove from the carpeting. One thing that experts mention is that if your carpet is likely to need replacing in the next FIVE years, before you've got a stairlift, you might want to replace it. Otherwise, you'll have to factor in the price of uninstalling and re installing the stairlift.

11) About how long does it take to fully install one of these lifts in my Berkeley home?

A fitting can take between 1-2 hours for straight stairs. A California professional will install the railing first, followed by the seat and the motor. Proper setup includes once it is been analyzed following the fitting, walking you through the attributes of your new stairlift. A fitting for a curved stairlift can take as much as a half day.

12) How much does a good stair lift cost?

The cost averages around $3,500 to over $10,000 for a good stairlift. that is Support and rental programs are accessible. $6,000 and for a custom curved railing staircase prices are around $10,000. for a straight flight of stairs look to spend between $2,500 Some products are sold as complete packages including a guarantee and setup, while some usually do not comprise installment in the purchase price. The shape of the stairwell, the length of the seat style, the course, labor, and also the characteristics you desire determine the cost.

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