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Potentially Avoid Breaking a Hip

The stairs are among the very dangerous spots in your home, plus just one drop can result in a serious harm that can substantially hinder you for years. By avoiding falling on the stairway, you may add many added years to your life, and relish grandkids and your family for much more. Avoid breaking a hip, knee or back with a tumble down the stairs.

Make Stairs Much Safer

Going up and down the stairs is something which most aged people feel is the most dangerous portion of their day. Having to balance and scale can result in falling and critically injuring yourself, and is a dangerous blend. A stair lift can turn this into a simple and fun task, instead of one you worry.

Make Living Every Day MuchEasier and Less Painful

With failing knees and hips, going up and down stairs could be incredibly painful for many individuals. A new lift turns something you’ve got to do multiple times per day into an enjoyable experience, rather than a debilitating one, and makes that process totally pain-free. A new lift will make your everyday life much more easy.


Does having to take the staircase at home make you wish you’d the same choice to take the lift whenever you’re in a public place like you do?

Does the additional assist you to supply your aged parent or dependent appear too risky and overwhelming when it comes to accompanying them up and down the stairs?

People living in Bakersfield neighborhoods rely on our professionals that are capable, because we focus on safety and accuracy when installing your stairlift and can fit it within a day or within a couple of hours depending on your stairs.

Keep your Independence in California, because the stairs don’t have to confine which part of the house you go to.

No one likes to feel helpless. Unexpectedly having to deal with limiting your movements as a result of older age or a disability can make you lose your trust. It can decrease the quality of your own life. So you can quit letting those stairs destroy your day, that is not needed with new technologies that can be installed in your home.

Plenty of folks face the tough decision of the way to continue to live comfortably in their home and enjoy greater levels of dignity when facing mobility limitations. If our bodies change with age, we are stuck with by our want to help you to get about and live an unaffiliated lifestyle.

Needing to wait around for someone to aid you in tasks that are routine or getting to your own comfy bed can take its toll. In fact, it’s one of the core values that health professionals focus on, making sure that they keep a feeling of dignity and respect for a loved one.

No wonder, the desire for respect and dignity actually develops more powerful when an individual becomes ill, disabled, or challenged with freedom problems.

It is not impossible that you’ve already decided to live at home, instead of an assisted living facility, despite having to face a handicap or age-associated challenge coming your way.

Maybe you’re not familiar with how installing a stairlift can help you maintain your accessibility to every area of your home.

We want to assist you maintain your autonomy so you don’t have to move away from the Bakersfield home you love.

Relieving pain for the fastest growing segment of the people in the world is part of what makes our communities encouraging.

Pain does not have to be a regular process of aging, but physicians declare that elderly patients frequently believe that it is. Pain can impair your daily actions and may interfere to your social life. Some loved ones based on how much pain their long-term state brought them on a daily basis and pull away from actions. Millions of individuals suffer based on the American Pain Society and look for relief or many of them fail to seek treatment.

By installing a stairlift in your Bakersfield home, you can reduce your suffering and still stay mobile.

Maybe the pain will not go away completely and you still have to get yourself to talk to your doctor about how to recover control over your life. Meanwhile, every time will not fill you with stress you walk up the stairs. Seniors or those people who are challenged by freedom who endure a fall-related injury frequently require life long care worse, or later, entirely eliminate living alone.

A stairlift will remove the fears and also the chances that you will aggravate your pain.

With a stairlift, you will not have a debilitating tumble.

Now you can pursue your day-to-day actions with comfort and convenience and discontinue the excruciating painful journey, since you deserve options that can enhance your own life.

Love constantly, love and effort you’ve put into your home once more.

We all need to be careful in our lives and that means paying attention to our current needs. If you are prepared to fit a stairlift into your Bakersfield residence, without altering the nature of your own home, our California team is ready to install one in your house right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can you apply for one of these lifts if you are on disability?

A person have a medical condition that meets their definition of impairment and qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when they have worked in work that was insured by Social Security. Benefits might be covered if you're on disability or injured. Since SSI is a needs-based plan and an SSI recipient must have limited income and resources, eligibility for the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows a person with a disability to attain an occupational objective. The money that is set aside under a PASS can be used for anything that leads to an occupational goal and can be used to cover home adjustments through an SSI savings plan. You'll figure out more about PASS through your California Social Security Administration office or call toll free 800-772-1213.

2) Is there any permanent damage when installing one of these lifts?

No. One of the reasons that the stairlifts are attached to the stairs is to shield your Bakersfield dwelling from damage related to installation. The treads of the stairs can handle the few screws attached to the stairlifts. The holes are easy to cover. The carpeting may also have holes in it. The complete value of your property won't depreciate. Realtors used to urge that a stairlift be removed prior to placing your house on the market, however given increased life expectancy if you plan on selling your home, this is not any longer the case. You transfer or can even entirely remove the stairlift with no signs of installation when you need or no longer want it.

3) Does the VA cover the cost and installation of lifts?

According to AARP, a few grants are offered by The Department of Veterans Affairs to qualified veterans with disabilities for security developments in the residence. Those include: the Home Improvements and Structural Alternations (HISA) Grant; The Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant; and also the Special Home Variation (SHA) grant. Upon qualification, a veteran can receive both a HISA grant and either SHA or a SAH grant. Contact the VA and ask for VA form 10-0103 to submit an application for the HISA grant. Contact the form 26-4555 to apply for a SAH or SHA grant. For advice on all advantages call 1-800-827-1000.

4) How much do stair lifts costs?

According to Consumer Affairs, the very best nine stairlift brand names starting with the best-rated contain: Accessible Construction, Acorn Stairlifts, Rise Stairlifts, Silver Cross, Bruno, AmeriGlide, Country Home Elevator, 101 Freedom and Stannah. Experts rate these based on an assortment of features, variables, and because of conditions. Their costs are not publicized by several companies since every stairs is different. Often, they're going to beat any competitive quote. The cost can range from $1,200 to over $10,000, averaging around $3,500 for a straight stairs. Stairlifts that are used can cost under $2,000. Rental and assistance systems are accessible. Some products are sold as complete packages including a warranty and setup, while some usually do not contain installation in the price. The shape of the stairwell, the span of the track, the seat style, job, and the characteristics you desire determine the cost.

5) How sturdy are these lifts to install?

The sturdiness of path and the seat assembly of a stairlift can vary so that it's good to do some homework. More than a few companies assert the strongest in the business is the model that provides the most significant weight capacity at 400 lbs.. Heavier duty models require larger batteries and more durable paths. Most lifts are made to fit passengers who weigh 250 pounds or less. Heavy duty versions cost more so be sure to get the model that fits the individual who'll be using the stairlift. Always assess whether the manufacturer has a proven reputation for strong, safe and well-made products.

6) Are there any structural modifications needed before installing a lift?

No. There are not any adjustments which are essential since stairlifts do not attach to the wall. The stairlift is installed into existing stair treads. The one thing that we do recommend is that if you are planning to change the flooring or carpet on your stairs in the next five years, you might want to intend to do it before you install your stairlift to avoid future removal and re installation costs.

7) How are you supposed to run power to a stair lift?

Electric power (AC) stairlifts need a grounded conventional 110v/20 amp outlet located at or close to the bottom or top of the stairs. Plug in the DC powered stairlift when it's not being used to recharge the battery. There are also DC powered units that enable the AC electricity to constantly charge the batteries while the DC power is used by the stairlift from the batteries. The battery controlled stairlift will continue to run until it runs out of electricity if there is a power outage. In case the transformer burns out, the DC stairlift WOn't run and you must get the charger.

8) Can you build one of these yourselves?

It really depends on your practical know-how. It's an extremely daunting procedure. You can find used stairlifts and save yourself from the inherent hassle and possible risks of building one yourself. Some designs are available on the Internet, however, minus the proper tools, materials and welding knowledge, this strategy may take quite a long time to build and a lot of concerns. Also, when you compare design plans that are common for a stairlift to purchasing a tried-and-true tested model that is, a homemade variant and commercial models can not compete as much as compactness and look. Itis a hardy method to go. Also, remember security is a real dilemma for anybody who's going to rely on the raise, so it is vital that you do frequent checking account and thorough testing of your handiwork.

9) How fast do stairlifts go?

Commonly the speed ranges from 13.78 feet per minute to 29.53 feet per minute with the speed changing with the rider's weight, all within the recommended industry standard. The most rate in america is 40 feet per minute. Units can come with an emergency brake safety feature in case you feel out of control descending. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers oversees the standards for stairs chair lifts for issues of public safety, including speed under ASME A18.1.. Some manufacturers provide a variable speed of 0 to 38 feet per minute.

10) Why are they so expensive to install?

Above all, they comprise regular maintenance and help you each step of the way. Open up any of the setup manuals and you will see a warning any small guarantee will be voided by any deviation and that strict adherence to the setup instructions is needed and eliminate any opportunity you have of holding the manufacturer liable for liability or any damage. Professional installation is significantly more efficient in the long-run when it comes to guarantee, service and long-term care because they experienced at setup and are trained to follow security measures. The installer is getting paid to properly install your unit so you do not confront serious dangers that do result when an inexperienced person installs a stairlift and opens the manual for the first time. A Bakersfield professional also knows just how to ensure that the stairlift follows fire exit demands, the best way to make sure that ensure that all the proper functioning characteristics are empowered, and the charger connections are operating correctly to prevent serious injuries. The price you pay to have a trained and trustworthy technician ensures your security and the longevity of your purchase. Repairs and re-installations can take longer and cost more than a proper initial installation. Also, installment includes lifting a fair quantity of weight. Many setups could be finished in a few hours by a professional.

11) Is there any way to sell the equipment when we are done with it?

Yes. There are manufacturers and suppliers that offer buy back programs. A lot of them will remove the unwanted lift also. Many buyers hate to buy straight from a seller, whether it will work on their stairway and because they should have it checked out by a professional to ascertain how well it works. Certain versions sell not more difficult than others.

12) Are there any good options for used or recycled lifts in my area?

Yes. Stairlifts that are reconditioned and recycled are accessible and are an option. Custom-designed curved stairlifts are less easy to resell, as the angles round the curves really must be a very close match. A recycled stairlift offers a lot of advantages and is inherently good merely because it's used. Many California stairlift companies resell them used and buy back stairlifts. A used stairlift may have been removed and resold, as the individual who depended on the lift enhanced in their own condition, they went, or the need for it was temporary. They cost considerably less than new versions. When buying a secondhand lift, be sure you ask some questions. Ask about the prior owner and their weight /height requirements. Ask about the age of the used model. We advise that you don't purchase because that version is close to retirement, one that is 10 years old. You can shorten the span of tracks if needed, as mentioned before. Nevertheless, ensure you stick to a very measured strategy for cutting tracks, because a mistake will cost you.

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